Amazing how many people will adhere to a strict program of weight training, nutrition and lifestyle change, but for some odd reason, they will avoid flexibility training altogether.  Okay, maybe they will stretch their quad (aka thigh) for 10 seconds after running on a treadmill.  But, don’t people realize that… Continue Reading Stretching Will Destroy Your Body I

The Friday Fit Hit & Split Weekly blog is in tribute to most everyone’s favorite day of the week and honors the limited time available for fitness by maximizing the most out of your workout.  By having a short, intense routine, you can go about enjoying your day without feeling… Continue Reading Friday Fit Hit & Split I: 30 Minute Workout

You should consult a qualified medical professional before starting this or any other health & fitness program.  As with any exercise or diet program, if at any time you experience any discomfort, pain or duress of any sort, stop immediately and consult your physician.  The creators, producers, participants, advertisers and… Continue Reading Lose the Chicken Legs I: Primer

Hey, do you wanna see my super secret incline treadmill workout? Did you know you don’t HAVE to run for cardio? In fact, if you use a smart incline treadmill workout, then you can break a sweat and train your heart. You’ll wanna check out this fitness training program for… Continue Reading Incline Treadmill Workout: Fitness Training Program for Walking