Are struggling to get your workouts done? Wouldn’t it be much easier to have a short, concise action plan? Well, you are in luck because I’ve covered short workouts frequently in my books, blog and videos. And I’m going to post a few excerpts from my recent publication The Home… Continue Reading Cardio Workout: Fast and Effective At-Home Exercise

Look, I know some people might cringe when they hear the word “diet.” And truthfully, I know exactly how you feel. Two years ago, I felt the same exact way when I was trying to shed off my belly. I thought dieting meant I had to starve myself or I… Continue Reading Diet Tip: 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Diet

Going onto the final component to the workout in The 90-Day Home Workout Plan, I’m getting to the often overlooked form of exercise – stretching. Why do people skip stretching? What kind of benefits does stretching have on your body after a workout? Well, find out just what you are missing… Continue Reading Stretching: The Fifth Vital Component to a Workout

Over the past two weeks, I’ve discussed the five components of a workout in The 90-Day Home Workout Plan. This week I’ve transitioned to the most frequented subject in fitness today – core training. A lot of people fixate on this area with little knowledge of what they are actually addressing.… Continue Reading Core Training: The Fourth Component of a Workout

This past Tuesday and Thursday I shared a couple parts of The 90-Day Home Workout Plan. In the book, I cover the five critical parts of a workout and we now know about the warm up and cardio. Today, I’ll talk about the most popular form of exercise – weight training. The… Continue Reading Weight Training: The Third Component to a Workout