The Glossary of Exercises Kindle Bonus – 3 Keys

Hey! Super big thanks to you with a side of extra gratitude. If you made it to this page, then it’s pretty likely that you purchased a copy of my book The 3 Keys to Greater Health & Happiness and you are grabbing your free PDF document of complete Glossary of Exercises. You’ll get the same descriptions as you did in the e-book, but now you get the benefit of pictures.

It seems kind of sheisty, but believe me, it saves both of us money and heartache. Sadly, Amazon was charging both you and me large sums of money to deliver these photos. And, these pictures are hardly viewable on most Kindle apps and devices. So, rather than Amazon bilking us for you to get half-ass images, I thought I’d stick to what you needed and provided what you wanted elsewhere – at no extra cost.

>>>CLICK ON THIS LINK<<< to get your copy direct from my cloud drive. Usually, I’m all about sharing, but I politely ask that you keep this copy to yourself. Everyone else should pay the same price of admission as you did. After all, it’s not much, but $2.99 is not asking much for purchasing their own copy at

Thank you again for purchasing my book. I hope you enjoyed it and found many insightful things. If it wouldn’t be a bother, could you post an honest review of this book – CLICK HERE? I read all of my reviews and appreciate the candid feedback so that I can continue to provide better books for you.

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