Push Up Training – Work Out Your Whole Body With One Body Weight Exercise

There is a reason why the push up training is a military staple. It is a full-body workout using your body weight that you can do almost anywhere. Furthermore, push ups compliment any workout routine nicely. There are many variations to push ups that range from easy to super difficult, so it's an exercise that you can scale alongside your personal fitness. Also, they're not just for men! There are a number of variations for women as well as the traditional standard. If you are looking for a versatile exercise you can add to your regime and scale, the push up is you answer.

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In Push Up Training You Will Learn:

  • How to do all kinds of push ups
  • Which push ups are best for you
  • Why push ups are a great choice for you fitness routine

Check out the blog posts linked below to find out how to do the different types of push ups. Here, you can select on those that interest you. Be sure to bookmark this page for your reference. 

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Basic Push Ups

basic push ups

100 Push Ups

100 push ups

Plyometric Push Ups

plyometric push ups

Fingertip Push Ups

fingertip push ups

Knuckle Push Ups

knuckle push ups

Staggered Push Ups

staggered push ups

Wide Push Ups

wide push ups

Close Push Ups

close push ups

Handstand Push Ups

handstand push ups

Pike Push

pike push ups

Decline Push Ups

decline push ups

Wall Push Ups

wall push ups

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