Are you looking for great body weight exercises? What about an excellent bodyweight workout challenge? Then, I have one helluva home workout plan in today’s post. Body Weight Exercises Backlog We are on week 7 of a bodyweight workout challenge (read all the backlog of the exercise program at the… Continue Reading Body Weight Exercises: The Bodyweight Workout Challenge

Do you want something more for your cardio routine on the incline treadmill? Would you like to break up workout boredom with an outside-the-box exercise routine? Then, you’ll want to check out today’s incline treadmill and body weight exercises workout! Incline Treadmill & Bodyweight Exercises Workout Prerequisites This week is… Continue Reading Incline Treadmill & Body Weight Exercises Workout

Alright!  Let’s get to this shit!  I have your quick fix on a Friday, so that you can get on with your day and begin to celebrate the weekend that’s ahead of you.  Today, I’m focusing a bit more on the person that has a bit more discretionary space.  So,… Continue Reading Friday Fit Hit & Split VII: The 15-minute Workout

Hey, Happy Post-Thanksgiving Day and I’m glad you are tuning in, ’cause I have some shit that’s gonna singe your eyebrows and burn some fat that you may have accumulated yesterday. Are you staying with me every Friday?  If you have then you would’ve really dug the first workout in… Continue Reading Friday Fit Hit & Split VI: The 15-minute Workout

Ok, brevity is not normally my strong suit, so I’ll make this brief since the purpose of the Friday Fit Hit & Split is to give you the quicker alternative in workout solutions.  I offer variety in simplicity.  Stick with this Friday blog as I continue to deliver FREE short… Continue Reading Friday Fit Hit & Split V: The 15-minute Workout