…Without a Workout Warm Up Isn’t it hard enough devoting time to working out? Much like a good book, wouldn’t you rather skip to the juicy tidbits? Better yet, how about getting to the end of a workout and move past all the hard work in between? Is that crazy thinking… Continue Reading Workout Warm up: Your Workouts Are Not Safe…

Wait a second…did I continually boost the level without any recession for the entire workout last week?!  I did, and I was hoping to be sly about that point and just slip it in without you noticing.  That was a tough cardio routine!  Wow! This week is no exception.  Week… Continue Reading Killer Cardio Part 4: Elliptical Madness

Alright!  Let’s get to this shit!  I have your quick fix on a Friday, so that you can get on with your day and begin to celebrate the weekend that’s ahead of you.  Today, I’m focusing a bit more on the person that has a bit more discretionary space.  So,… Continue Reading Friday Fit Hit & Split VII: The 15-minute Workout

Wasn’t last week’s routine absolutely deadly?!  Man, oh, man, the person that says cardio is boring is freakin’ wrong and this 4 part series is no exception to the rule. Just a friendly reminder that you should always keep 16-32 ounce of water for during your workout and an additional 16-32… Continue Reading Killer Cardio Part 3: Elliptical Madness

Hey, Happy Post-Thanksgiving Day and I’m glad you are tuning in, ’cause I have some shit that’s gonna singe your eyebrows and burn some fat that you may have accumulated yesterday. Are you staying with me every Friday?  If you have then you would’ve really dug the first workout in… Continue Reading Friday Fit Hit & Split VI: The 15-minute Workout