What the Heck is Butt-winking? And, why did my doctor even bring it up?! Now that I have your attention, I have to share a scary crisis cropping up in workouts everywhere – butt-winking. I swear this is an actual problem and if you aren’t careful, you could possibly hurt yourself… Continue Reading Squats: How to Avoid This Common Mistake

The Best Workout EVER! The number of workout plans on the market today amazes me. Some claim to be the best workout plan or permanent fix to your needs. But, I have to let you in on a secret – that’s bullshit, and you’re better than that. The truth is… Continue Reading Best Workout: The Ultimate Exercise Plan Ever Made

After a much needed day of rest (I attempted in vain to do a leg workout yesterday, read more at this link), plenty of sleep and some great nourishing food, I was ready to KILL it in the gym.  My legs cannot afford time off.  I’m not desiring that top-heavy… Continue Reading Monkey See, Monkey Do, Too (Part 4)

Don’t skip your cardio training, lord knows, I’d love to do that, but I strongly believe in training your heart much like any other muscle in your body.  I try to shake up my routines and make ’em interesting.  I submit to you my workout today: Just warming up Equipment:… Continue Reading Monkey See, Monkey Do, Too (Part 3)

Man, this routine had me speaking in tongues from the get go!   Warm-up – Treadmill – 10 minutes – 5.0% incline @ 3.5mph – increase incline 1.0% every minute, kick it up to 15.0% at 9 minutes.  Machine Flys (with 1 minute reset between each set) –  Set 1 –… Continue Reading Monkey See, Monkey Do, Too (Part 2)