Wait a second…did I continually boost the level without any recession for the entire workout last week?!  I did, and I was hoping to be sly about that point and just slip it in without you noticing.  That was a tough cardio routine!  Wow! This week is no exception.  Week… Continue Reading Killer Cardio Part 4: Elliptical Madness

After a much needed day of rest (I attempted in vain to do a leg workout yesterday, read more at this link), plenty of sleep and some great nourishing food, I was ready to KILL it in the gym.  My legs cannot afford time off.  I’m not desiring that top-heavy… Continue Reading Monkey See, Monkey Do, Too (Part 4)

Alright!  Let’s get to this shit!  I have your quick fix on a Friday, so that you can get on with your day and begin to celebrate the weekend that’s ahead of you.  Today, I’m focusing a bit more on the person that has a bit more discretionary space.  So,… Continue Reading Friday Fit Hit & Split VII: The 15-minute Workout

Wasn’t last week’s routine absolutely deadly?!  Man, oh, man, the person that says cardio is boring is freakin’ wrong and this 4 part series is no exception to the rule. Just a friendly reminder that you should always keep 16-32 ounce of water for during your workout and an additional 16-32… Continue Reading Killer Cardio Part 3: Elliptical Madness

Don’t skip your cardio training, lord knows, I’d love to do that, but I strongly believe in training your heart much like any other muscle in your body.  I try to shake up my routines and make ’em interesting.  I submit to you my workout today: Just warming up Equipment:… Continue Reading Monkey See, Monkey Do, Too (Part 3)