Today, I’m going to discuss the importance of forearm stretches for office workers and you. Sure, we know the value of stretching, but it’s the smaller muscle groups that can create the greatest stress. This is especially true if you are an office worker or someone in a sedentary job.… Continue Reading Forearm Stretches for Office Workers and You

Assuming that you have been implementing the Wednesday workout routine for the past few weeks, you probably have been getting great value out of the Saturday stretch routines last week (shoulders) and the week before (chest).  So, all this time, we’ve been focusing on large muscle groups yet not focusing… Continue Reading The Most Effective Stretches Part 3: Triceps

Hey, we’re on a roll and why stop this train that’s headed for some excellent feelgood movements?!  I remind you though that you should remember to breathe deeply and deliberately when placing yourself in these stretches.  Ideally, you will hold each stretch for no more than 30 seconds. Shoulder/Neck Stretch… Continue Reading The Most Effective Stretches Part 2: Shoulders

Hopefully you have been tuning in this past week and if you are an active participant, then chances are pretty likely that you could’ve used this stretch to help in recovery after your routine this past Wednesday.  The best and most efficiently effective way to recover from an intense workout… Continue Reading The Most Effective Stretches Part 1: Chest

Four weeks in a row and all I’ve given you are great hamstring stretches, WTF?!  And, once again, I release each blog with a sense of purpose; developing your fundamental understanding of flexibility training.  I have to add another key element, possibly one that is VERY important in the grand… Continue Reading Stretching Will Destroy Your Body IV