¬†Wouldn’t you like to break out of the normal treadmill workouts? If I could show you a better way to do your treadmill routines, would you give it a shot? Then, check out today’s post on body weight exercises and treadmill routine. Treadmill Workouts Warm-up & Precautions Warm-up and cooldown… Continue Reading Treadmill Workouts: Body Weight Exercises & Treadmill Routine

Are you ready for some new treadmill exercises? Yep, you got that right… I’ve set up a series of treadmill routines that include a little work off the belt. Check out more in the new treadmill routine today. Treadmill Exercises Checklist This is the third week in the treadmill exercises… Continue Reading Treadmill Exercises: A New Treadmill Routine to Tryout