This past Tuesday and Thursday I shared a couple parts of The 90-Day Home Workout Plan. In the book, I cover the five critical parts of a workout and we now know about the warm up and cardio. Today, I’ll talk about the most popular form of exercise – weight training. The… Continue Reading Weight Training: The Third Component to a Workout

By now, if you have been implementing these exercises into your routine on a weekly basis, you should be noticing some great results.  For the maximum results, incorporate the Saturday stretches over the past few weeks.  Stretching will allow your shoulder/chest/triceps to loosen up, recover quicker and gain wider range… Continue Reading Chest Training to the Max Part 4

I’ve been progressing things rather nicely for your convenience in this four part series on chest training.  This routine will bring your game up considerably in the gym and you will see some definite improvement in your strength endurance if you really push yourself to the max in this 4… Continue Reading Chest Training to the Max Part 3

Ok, this week is gonna be about shaking things up a little bit and spicing up the routine with some free weights.  You may have noticed that last week we used all bodyweight exercises with little rest between.  Chances are pretty likely that you felt out of breath and almost… Continue Reading Chest Training to the Max Part 2

Here it is, something simple yet effective that will take your chest training to the next level.  For the next four weeks (on Wednesday), I have incorporated a mixture of bodyweight exercises and free weights to really dig deep into a variety of movements that’ll hit your muscle fibers best.… Continue Reading Chest Training to the Max Part 1